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Sophisticated medical office

At one of the most popular, easily accessible places of Athens, fully equipped with the most modern technology.

Multiannual experience in plastic surgery

All the aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery procedures with the most modern and established techniques.

Significant expertise

Highly expertised in rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation, abdominoplasty and gynecomastia treatment.

Person-centered approach

Safety, respect for your feelings, highlight of your uniqueness, natural and long-lasting aesthetic effects.



What they say about us

Our satisfaction lies in the creation of stable bonds of trust and communication with you

P.H. Facelift
Facelift offered my face a refreshed and youthful look, without altering my features or make me look like another. I feel like I have gained ten years, with the renewal of my face I found my lost energy.

C.A. Surgery against gynecomastia
The surgery against gynecomastia offered me a better shaped and firmer chest and relieved me of all the unpleasant feelings about my body, which positively influenced my relationship with the opposite sex. Now I can express myself more free and enjoy more my personal moments.

F.A. Abdominoplasty

The appearance of my belly was so unattractive that it made me even avoid swimming at the beach. Abdominoplasty change me not only physically, but also psychologically. I believe more in myself and I feel more dynamic than ever.

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