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    Rhinoplasty: myths and reality


   Rhinoplasty: the procedure – challenge for plastic surgeon, with one of the highest levels of postoperative satisfaction for those who choose it. The fascination of rhinoplasty is not only the fact that its successful outcome completely changes facial image but also creates the circumstances for dynamic changes in the life of the individuals submitted to it. Discover the reality and unravel the myths about one of the most popular, if not the top, procedures of plastic surgery.

  1. Demand for rhinoplasty is constantly increasing. More and more people are discovering its aesthetic and medical benefits and highlighting it in one of the most popular plastic procedures.

   2. “I can know the image of my nose after rhinoplasty if I see it on the computer”: Myth

   Image transfer programs help you think of how your nose will be after rhinoplasty. Without breaking down the digital technology, keep in mind that nose is reshaped by the plastic surgeon’s hand -not the computer. So make sure that the plastic surgeon you will choose has an experience in rhinoplasty, has understood your desires and shared with you the same aesthetic target at preoperative sessions.

   3. “I wish to undergo rhinoplasty but I think it is one of the most expensive procedures”: Myth

   The cost of rhinoplasty is more affordable than you think. In addition, rhinoplasty takes place once and, with its permanent effect, “fully compensates” the individuals who enjoy the benefits of a lifetime.

   4. “There are specific seasons in rhinoplasty”: Myth

   Although demand for rhinoplasty increases in the winter months and recovery from surgery is favored by cool weather, rhinoplasty can be safely performed at any time of the year. There is also an increase in demand for rhinoplasty during holiday periods, as modern lifestyle do not allow many individuals to refrain from work or studies for a long period of time.

   5. “I know the impressive results of rhinoplasty but it’s painful”: Myth

   Rhinoplasty, thanks to the development of medical methods, is more painless than ever. Respect for the tissues with which one is born and discreet manipulation of the nose on the part of the experienced plastic surgeon minimize pain, allow for a short return to activities while edema and bruising –contrary to what some people think- are very few or nonexistent.

  6. Rhinoplasty with the dynamic technique nasal memory surgery effectively corrects problems left by previous failed rhinoplasties, ensuring a new attractive shape with free breathing. Nasal memory plastic surgery technique can also provide a successful aesthetic effect even in demanding cases of older people, whose skin has lost its elasticity due to reduced collagen production.

  7. Doctor’s choice – “All the specialties involved with the inside of the nose can also make an external correction”: Myth

   This is sufficient but not necessary, because rhinoplasty is a completely personalized cognitive object of aesthetic plastic surgery, with which the plastic surgeon is involved in, since he is also specialized in other facial features.

   8. The plastic surgeon’s choice must be based on his / her ability, education and experience and not on cost. Since the result of a failed rhinoplasty can not be hidden, the need for possible secondary surgery may cost much more.

   9. Having a close relationship with your plastic surgeon and faithfully following post-operative guidelines, you can make recovery from rhinoplasty faster. There are also some ways to speed up healing and recovery, such as stopping taking aspirin or other anticoagulants for a few weeks before and a few after rhinoplasty – so as to avoid the risk of bleeding- the use of some products (creams, ointments) from herbs before surgery such as arnica –that will minimize swelling and bruising- and sleeping with a double cushion, since keeping your head lifted after rhinoplasty reduces the tendency for swelling.

   10. “All the procedures for rhinoplasty look like”: Myth

   No rhinoplasty surgery is the same as the previous one. It is a completely personalized procedure, since it is taken into account the face, its proportions and the other characteristics, as well as the anatomy of the nose. There are not more naïve phrases than “during an anaesthesia that will correct your septum I will correct your nose hump”. Any change of a nose component results in a sequence of events that only an experienced plastic surgeon can predict.

   11. “Rhinoplasty surgery for aesthetic reasons is covered by the insurance funds”: Myth

   Rhinoplasty is not supported by insurance funds because it is considered an aesthetic procedure and anyone who supports it mean that the diagnosis it poses is counterfeited.

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