Injectable mesotherapy is a radical method, by which it is injected into the problematic areas a solution of substances (hyaluronic acid, vitamins, minerals, caffeine, carnitine, etc.). These substances dissolve unnecessary adipocytes, increase blood circulation, soften connective fibers and improve lymph drainage.

   Mesotherapy is used to combat cellulite, reduce local fat and renew the skin. It aims at all modern individuals who either have lost and want to regain the shine and elasticity of their skin, whether they want to maintain it and prevent the signs of aging. This process is painless, is done using local anesthetic cream and is greatly advantageous from non-injectable facial mesotherapy, because it enables the precise amount of material needed to be applied. The application takes place usually every 20-25 days for the first 2 months. As far as facial mesotherapy is concerned, we use Restylane Vital, which is considered as the best worldwide.

   Instead of a ready solution many prefer mesotherapy by using growth factors (P.R.P., autologous mesotherapy), which we get by taking and processing a small amount of our own blood. The implementation is done with the same way and  two sessions with an interval of one month are needed.

   Thus, the aging process is retarded and it is achieved a healthy and bright face without fine wrinkles, as well as the reduction of cellulite and sagging of the body, with benefit a more firm, elastic and youthful skin. Mesotherapy prices vary according to the technique to be selected, the extent of the areas to be applied and the number of sessions to be required.

   The impressive results of mesotherapy bring it to the most popular anti-ageing technique.

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