Because the trend which prevails today in cosmetic medicine is prevention, needling offers solution to the process of ageing painless. It is a new regeneration method, which aims to improve the elasticity of the skin, by producing new collagen. At the same time it reduces fine wrinkles and acne scars, while improving the look and tone of the skin.

   The method is implemented by using the device of Roll-cit. This is a device in the form of cylinder which contains tiny needles on its surface. By its applying onto the skin, the needle enters the skin without destroying it, while, when exits, the hole which has been created closes immediately. This infinitesimal skin injure creates its resurface. That is, with this trauma all mechanisms of healing are induced, which implies the creation of new collagen.

   Needling treats sagging skin, pigmentation, fine wrinkles, scars and the method has, also, excellent results in striae after pregnancy or weight loss. The application is done at the medical office under local anaesthesia (anaesthetic cream application). It is usually requires 4-6 sessions at an interval of 20 days, depending on the needs of each skin. The results of needling begin to appear after the first week and are completed after 2 months.

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