Operation of medical devices HiPRO-V and Lipofreeze 4D


   Good news for our medical office! HiPRO-V –which has revolutionized anti-aging- and LipoFreeze 4D –a high-tech coolsculpting system- offer you the ability to get a younger image and shapely body painlessly and safely, with some of your time!


   Focused ultrasound for lifting without surgery

   HiPRO-V treats skin relaxation caused by age or weight loss –it is called, alternatively, lifting without scalpel- and is also aimed at every modern woman and man who seeks, in the context of prevention, maintaining the firmness of the skin and delaying the appearance of aging signs. It is the latest generation of SMAS LIFTING, using HIFU technology (High Intensity Focused Ultrasound) to improve skin elasticity and reduce wrinkles. Targeting SMAS (Superficial Muscular Aponeurotic System of the face), HiPRO-V causes this layer to tighten when it relaxes, resulting in tightening and lifting the skin. In particular, it stimulates collagen –causing the production of a new one- and improves the appearance of the eye area, lifting the eyelids, revitalizing the face, neck, decolte, while treating the double chin. In addition,  HiPRO-V reduces local fat, causing fat to melt. The results of face and body tightening and lifting are almost immediate and gradually improve within the first few weeks, with great leeway for optimization.

   Coolsculpting and...disappear local fat

   LipoFreeze 4D uses coolsculpting technology, the most reliable technology to treat local fat in a non-invasive way, but also to tighten the skin. By selectively targeting stubborn, unwanted fat –not responding to diet and exercise- to the buttocks (love handles), thighs, calves, abdomen, waist, upper arms, the device releases controlled cooling and causes apoptosis of adipocytes, which are gradually eliminated through the metabolic system of the organism. Thanks to the permanent reduction of adipocytes, the aesthetic results –which are visible from the first few days and are continuously optimized- are long-lasting, while physical exercise and healthy eating even ensure their permanence.

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