Curriculum vitae
plastic surgeon Aris Damagas

   Plastic surgeon Aris Damagas is a graduate of the Medical School of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. He is a member of the Hellenic Society of Plastic Reconstructive and Cosmetic Surgery, in which he acceded as a specialty’s distinguished.

   He has specialized in techniques of  Microsurgical Reconstruction and Breast Reconstruction after mastectomy in the world-renowned Plastic Surgery Clinic of Queen Victoria Hospital in London. He worked at the St. John’s Wood & Elizabeth Hospital of London, with an exclusivity in Aesthetic Surgery.

   He completed his postgraduate training at Southwestern University, at Dallas, USA, in the most modern techniques of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. There he was trained near famous names in the world of Aesthetic Surgery, such as Sam Hamra, Rod Rohrich and John Tebbets, from whom he learned the composite facelift, the dual plane technique in breast augmentation, as well as rhinoplasty methods and techniques in the well-known Dallas Rhinoplasty Course.

   In the context of continuous attendance of modern methods and trends in the field of Medicine, he has numerous participations in Greek and international scientific conferences, in many of which he has been a speaker. He writes for printed and electronic media and often develops Plastic Surgery issues as a guest in media.

   He works in the Plastic Surgery Clinic of the 251 Airforce General Hospital since 2001 –where he currently holds the post of Director- conducting the entire range of procedures of Reconstructive Plastic Surgery, such as reconstruction after trauma, burns, congenital malformations and tumors.

   He maintains a medical office in Hilton Area and has been operating, for many years, in large and reputable private hospitals of Athens, where he performs –having the scientific training and technical knowledge- all the Aesthetic and Reconstructive Plastic Surgery procedures, with extensive experience in rhinoplasty, breast augmentation, facelift, abdominoplasty, blepharoplasty and gynecomastia surgery, having performed a large number of these procedures.

   As far as non-invasive techniques are concerned, the majority of which are performed in the fully equipped medical office, he always use certified, tested over time and with satisfactory follow-up products. He is one of the first plastic surgeons in Greece who applied micro fat grafting and nano fat grafting techniques, which offer the regeneration of many areas of the face and body, using autologous fat and stem cells.

   His philosophy is a person-centered approach of the candidates for plastic surgery, the highlight of their uniqueness, natural and long-lasting aesthetic effects. With respect to the body and with a view to avoiding exaggerations, he adopts the most modern and established methods and techniques, that ensure the minimum possible intervention and tissues removal, thus achieving fast recovery and excellent aesthetic results that do not bear the stigma of surgery, such as: nasal memory surgery rhinoplasty technique, auto-implant breast lift, composite blepharoplasty and lipoabdominoplasty.

   He advocates interdisciplinary collaboration in the field of plastic surgery, to the benefit of the safety of individuals submitted  to plastic procedures and the coverage of their individual needs.

   Reading and gymnastics are his favorite activities. He is married and father of two children.

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