Medical office
plastic surgeon Hilton Athens

   The medical office is located in one of the most popular, easily accessible places of Athens, Vasilissis Sofias Avenue, opposite Hilton Hotel.

   The configuration of the medical office’s rooms has been made in such a way that aesthetics and functionality complement each other ideally –moreover they are two interrelated concepts in plastic surgery- composing a pleasant and creative experience for the individual seeking plastic surgery services.

   At the comfortable medical office’s environment is carried out the most important step, the first visit. This is considered very important, because proper information is the best means for your free and conscious choice. Through a personalized consultation we will come together to the ideal approach to any problem, either aesthetic or reconstructive, you care about.

   The full range of non-invasive plastic surgery techniques is performed in the fully equipped medical office, with qualified, certified and tested over time products.  

   At the same time, the minimally invasive techniques micro fat grafting and nano fat grafting, which offer the regeneration of many areas of the face and body using autologous fat and stem cells, are performed at the medical office, while small aesthetic problems on the face or the body are treated with local anesthesia.

   Safety, respect for your feelings, highlight of your uniqueness, natural and long-lasting aesthetic effects are at the core of our philosophy, since our satisfaction lies in the creation of stable bonds of trust and communication with you!

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