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   When we choose a plastic surgical procedure

   Plastic surgery gives individuals the opportunity to renegotiate their relationship with their body and modify it according with their desires. The body is, thus, in a dynamic situation of redefinition and becomes an active element of human existence. 

   It is a fact that plastic procedures offer release from the physical limitations and provide a better body image, which can change the way individuals think, feel and act in all areas of their lives.

   However, my experience of plastic surgery practice is that confusing information and exaggerations are the “enemies” of each person interested in an aesthetic procedure.

   First visit

   The first visit to the plastic surgeon is very important because the right information is the best means for your free, unbiased and right choice. With the first visit you will learn about the goals of the procedure, the methods and techniques which will be used, the process of recovery and I will answer all your questions and queries.

   Individual specificity

   Plastic surgery is one of the most active interventions to improve quality of life. The challenge for me is the access to its services and expertise knowledge to be the same for everyone.

   I do not think that constitutes now a luxury but a right of everyone to enjoy the help of plastic surgery in his personal pursuance of enhancing his body image. In this pursuit, I urge individuals to replace the dominant standards of beauty through the media with their personal ideals of physical attractiveness. This is because I believe that my role as a plastic surgeon is the formation of individual personal specificity. This specificity is highlighted when each procedure is personalized and the modifications fit to the body type and face of each person.

   For example, it is not a rule that in following the same rhinoplasty technique a nose fits in two different faces, since the remodeling should be done based on the rations of each face. So, especially regarding aesthetic operations, violent or radical changes should be avoided, in order to achieve as much as possible natural aesthetic results that highlight the best self of the individuals but not promote the homogenization of bodies. 

   Simultaneously, I believe that the practice of this science passes through art, something that allows me, as a plastic surgeon, to differentiate myself from a common and trivial result.

   Safety and postoperative care

   Constant evolving medical knowledge, the use of new technologies, as well as non-surgical applications, offer individuals endless possibilities for personal improvement. However, I believe that the maintenance of a youthful and attractive external appearance should be done with the utmost safety and minimizing or absence of pain and mental suffering for individuals.

   Hence, I adopt methods and techniques that have been tested over time and use safe and certified medical products. At the same time, I seek to form a relationship of trust with the individuals undergoing plastic procedures and help them to deal with the negative emotions and anxiety prior to any operation.

   My job, however, does not stop with the performance of a successful surgery, but continues with postoperative follow-up and care, which is a process more crucial and important for me. I regard postoperative contact as my duty towards individuals who trusted me and I derive personal satisfaction from it when all are progressing smoothly and with the expected aesthetic results.

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