The purpose of brachioplasty is to reduce the upper arms’ excess skin and fat and improve their contour. The well-formed arms play a key role in the attractive image of the upper body. However, although exercise can strengthen the muscles, it has little effect on the treatment of loose skin at this specific area of the body.

   When skin quality is good with only a slight sagging, fat deposition can be removed only by liposuction. However, the great sagging (when the skin has “hanged” and there is vertical excess of it) is improved only surgically with the brachioplasty procedure. The incision in mild cases is performed in the armpit. It may, however, extends –depending on the problem- from the axilla to the elbow or into the trunk and the chest in cases of great sagging, especially after massive weight loss. In the technique I apply, the incision is performed on the lower surface of the arms, so that when the arms are in horizontal position it is not visible from either side.

   The procedure lasts 2-3 hours and is performed using general anesthesia. Hospitalization is usually daily or at most the individual has to stay in hospital for one day. The pain is transient and mild with possible numbness of the skin near the incisions and most rarely appears some swelling. Return to work is possible in 2 weeks and in full activity in 4-5 weeks. It is recommended using an elastic bandage or elastic cast for a few weeks.

   If there are no future weight fluctuations, the aesthetic effect of brachioplasty is permanent. Lifestyle and exercise determine the highlight of the aesthetic effect of brachioplasty, since the arms will look more beautiful if the muscles under the skin are stressed.

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