Buttock lift
buttock lift

   Buttock lift is a popular aesthetic procedure, since well-formed buttocks are considered a symbol of femininity and sensuality. It is known from antiquity, moreover, that Aphrodite was characterized as callipygian because of the impressive buttocks she had.

   This procedure is an ideal choice for individuals who want to eliminate sagging, that may be the result of aging or excess skin in the area due to weight loss and can not be treated with buttock lift exercises.

   Buttock lift improves the shape and at the same time the size of the buttocks and can be performed in three ways. The first is by using silicone implants (similar to those for the breast), placed either in the muscle (it is preferred) or under the fascia or subcutaneously. The second is by using our own fat (autologous) from other areas of the body and its transfer to the buttocks (micro fat grafting). Aesthetic results are natural, lasting and impressive, offering women better application of clothing and enhanced self-confidence. The third one is with special hyaluronic acid, which may be simpler but has a limited duration (2-3 years) with relatively high cost.

   It is worth noting that the number of men looking to improve their buttocks is rising as well, since there are not few those who suffer from loss of volume in the buttocks –the problem being more intense in those who have a sedentary lifestyle- or focus on upper body training (such as belly and arms), neglecting to exercise the lower part of the body.

   The procedure lasts about 1-3 hours and the anesthesia used is general or epidural, while, depending on the method chosen, it is needed either daily hospitalization or an overnight stay at the clinic: these factors will also determine the cost of the surgery. Seating is banned for the next 2 weeks, so it is recommended to the submitted to buttock lift to sit in the pronated position during the rest. It is, also, needed the use of a special corset. Return to work is possible in 2-3 weeks, at the gym in 6 weeks and  in extreme activities in 3 months, when stops the foreign body sensation. Recovery after lipofilling is less strict.

   Buttock lift offers “full”, round, firm, youthful buttocks, ensuring a more attractive and sensual body profile.

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