Endoscopic forehead lift
endoscopic forehead lift

   Endoscopic forehead lift treats horizontal wrinkles of the forehead and droopy eyelids that create a tired look. The procedure is performed without scalpel and therefore leaves no visible sign.

   Plastic surgeon introduces the endoscope (a thin tube with an attached video camera) through some tiny incisions on the scalp (two to four) releasing the loose skin, with result its stretching and eyebrows’ lift.

   Endoscopic forehead lift lasts about one hour, is performed using general or local anesthesia and discharge note is usually given at the same day (day clinic). Return to work is possible in 3-5 days, while the full activity occurs after two weeks. The aesthetic effect of endoscopic forehead lift lasts for 10-12 years, and, in combination with periodic botox application, is even longer.

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