Otoplasty Ear surgery

   With otoplasty plastic surgeon re-shapes prominent ears by correcting their shape and size. The procedure is usually performed on children up to 5 years old (so the helix formation is completed by 85%-90%), as well as adults. Since this particular feature is on the face and is difficult to “be hidden”, the problem of prominent ears is accompanied by particularly intense negative emotions.

   Many adults spend much of their time on techniques of concealing this specific part of their face, adding difficulties in their daily lives and negative consequences on their social contacts. The lack of discretion which characterizes childhood creates problems in the school environment for children who have large or prominent ears as they feel vulnerable to the negative comments of their peers and become the target of unwanted attention.

   Otoplasty is performed with general anesthesia at ages until the age of 14 and with local anesthesia at older ages. With an indistinguishable incision on the posterior surface of the helix, which is never seen, it is corrected with sutures the shape of the antihelix and / or the angle of the concha relative to the mastoid bone.

   The procedure lasts for 1 hour and discharge note is usually given at the same day (day clinic), no longer having to be wrapped with bandages. Return to work or school is possible in 3-5 days, while the return to dynamic sports in 1 month. The cost of otoplasty is mainly formed depending on the type of anesthesia (general or local) and whether hospitalization will be required.

   The outcome of otoplasty has -like that of rhinoplasty- a permanent duration, highlighting, at the same time, other characteristics and contributing to a more attractive facial image.

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