Temporal Lift
temporal lift

   Temporal lift is a very “smart” and simple technique for renewing the face, which aims to lift the eyebrow’s “tail” and stretch the wrinkled skin from the crow’s feet. It treats effectively the permanently tired and “sad” look, caused by the eyebrows’ ptosis, “opening” the eyes and highlighting the look.

   It is a painless and short procedure –it lasts only 30 minutes- with immediate visible aesthetic results. It is performed through a small hole in the sculp using local anesthesia. Discharge is given immediately and recovery lasts only a few days. The result of the temporal lift is the restoration of the youthful facial image and improvement of its overall appearance.

   In most cases temporal lift is performed simultaneously with upper blepharoplasty or completes a total facelift to enhance its aesthetic results. Also, more and more individuals choose temporal lift in order to avoid the frequent repetition of botox.

   The effects of temporal lift last for several years, perhaps even permanently.

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