Breast lift
breast lift

  Breast lift raises and reshapes drooping breasts by removing excess skin and repositioning of the nipples at the appropriate level. Pregnancies, breastfeeding, weight fluctuations and the aging process are factors that cause looseness and drooping of the breast, adversely affecting its appearance.

   Breast lift is applied when the size is satisfactory but has “drooped and is completely empty”. The result is the recovery of the firmness of the breast, to the benefit of a more appealing appearance and the improvement of the woman’s everyday life.

   Most techniques of breast lift were based until now only on skin removal. This had as a consequence the short duration of the outcome and large incisions like “anchor”, which were difficult to be accepted. With the new technique of auto-implant mastopexy the section of the breast that is responsible for the ptosis is remodelled and pushed upwards as implants. The result is an ideal shape, with the upper pole filled, with duration and of course only with vertical incisions. This technique can be also applied in cases of breast reduction or mammaplasty with autologous fat.

   Breast lift is almost painless, lasts for a maximum of 2 hours, general anesthesia is used and discharge is usually given on the same day (day clinic). Return to work is possible in 1 week and in full activity, like the gym, in 3-4 weeks. The final form of scarring is appeared in 3-10 months. The duration of breast lift’s result varies. Pregnancy, weight changes and age may cause a new ptosis. The results of breast lift may be longer or perhaps better if it is combined with small silicone implants –which, however, affect the cost of the procedure. The combination of breast lift and breast augmentation achieves firmer and lifted breasts, with a long duration result.

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