Breast reduction
breast reduction

   Breast reduction reshapes and raises drooping and oversized breasts, by removing the excess mammary gland and skin and repositioning of the nipples at the appropriate level.

   Although a richer chest is the dream of many women, for some others obtaining a more attractive decolte is achieved by relief from the increased in size or disproportionate to the rest of the body breasts. The problems caused by the bulky breasts are, in addition to aesthetic, functional (pain in the neck, back or shoulders) and dermatological (irritations in the folding of the lower part of the breasts). In many cases, breasts’ size creates clothing constraints, as well as limitations on their physical activity and their everyday lives.

   The technique I apply is to make a single vertical incision around the areola, from the 6th hour to 2 cm above the existing inframammary crease. Thus, we avoid the enormous and malformed scars like “anchor”, that were created by the use of older breast reduction techniques. But the main advantage of the new technique is the natural result with the longest duration.

   Breast reduction lasts about 2-3 hours and is performed using general anesthesia. Hospitalization lasts at most one day and return to work is possible in 2 weeks, while in full activity in 3-4 weeks. The scars take their final form in 3-10 months. The cost vary depending on the duration of hospitalization –in some cases a part is covered by insurance funds- but breast reduction compensate women submitted to it for the cost by improving their daily lives.

   The reduction of costly chronic medical problems (such as neck and waist problems), the improvement in physical activity and everyday life, as well as the overall quality of life of the woman offered by the breast reduction, highlight it in one of the procedures with the highest levels of postoperative satisfaction.

   The duration of the effect of breast reduction varies, since possible pregnancy, weight changes and age may cause a new breast ptosis.

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