Inverted nipple correction surgery
inverted nipple correction surgery

   Nipple inversion is the situation where the nipple, instead of projecting in front of the areola, is immersed in the breast. This is a problem that occurs in both women and men and concerns one or both nipples. The cause may be either congenital or acquired (due to multiple pregnancies, inflammations or injuries, abrupt and severe weight loss, etc.). When the problem is congenital there is no need for further investigation of the causes, while if it happens suddenly and mainly unilaterally, further control is needed to exclude malignancy.

   The procedure of inverted nipple repair is carried out easily and painlessly through a tiny incision which usually does not even require suture to heal. The adhesions are detached and an inner suture is placed, which is absorbed within the next 2-3 months to maintain the result permanently. Local anesthesia is used, the duration of the procedure is half an hour and discharge note is usually given on the same day (day clinic), while the return to daily activities is immediate.

   The procedure restores the functional problems caused by the nipple retraction (e.g. inability of breastfeeding) and the aesthetic image of the breast.

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